Group 6 1 min Read

primed and ready to go

Lauren Zerbey

The priming is finally finished and a 5 gallon bucket of soot awaits us! The forecast continues to call for good weather so we’re hoping we can knock out most of the painting by the end of this weekend. Compared to the oil based primer, which is like trying to brush honey on bare wood, the latex should be a breeze. Even though we bought a paint sprayer, we decided that with enough helping hands it might be faster and more efficient to hand paint. And we wouldn’t have to worry about masking the soffits, rafters, and window trim.


We opted to only paint the outside face of the slats so last weekend we stained the interior faces. This was a bit of a chore and involved two coats and some crawling around under the porch but we’re happy with how it turned out. For the outside faces, Kyle applied the primer with a roller brush and then went back with a regular brush to even out the texture.


We also installed the future kitchen window! Of course this made us want to start tearing down the old porch/kitchen interior wall to get a better idea for how the future “great room” will feel. All in due time, that project isn’t slated till next summer.

But I bet it will be gone before then.