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a slight change of course

Lauren Zerbey

The good news is that we had a really productive weekend. We more or less finished painting the east and west sides, demoed all the shingles at the base, installed the basement windows and started to install the building paper and base trim. The bad news…the primer on the south side is still not dry.  Cooler temperatures coupled with a dark colored penetrating oil primer has kept this side from fully drying. The weather is becoming more fickle, so we’ll have to take it day by day and hope we squeeze out one more nice weekend to finish things up (we were advised to paint only between 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. which eliminates anymore weeknight painting).


A huge thanks to Dustin for his help this weekend. Between the three of us the pale yellow shingles came off in no time!


We also installed the two basement windows. We opted to patch in the one to the left since that might become a bathroom in the future.


The “teal elimination plan” is nearly complete. Only the basement door is left to be replaced. Unfortunately, it is all teal.


Even with the exposed sheathing at the base, it is closer color wise to how the final product will look.  Despite its long drying time, we are thrilled with the paint color and how it goes with the various browns and the pop of the white trim. The shingle sitting on top of the gas meter is a sample of what we’ll be doing at the base. At first we were concerned that it might look too traditional. We considered carrying the beveled siding all the way down but liked the idea of maintaining a visual base (and shingles are a lot cheaper than cedar siding). But…we think it’s going to actually look really great with all the other colors and materials and can’t wait to get this next step completed.

So, there is still a sizeable chunk of work left and most of it involves the lower 3′ of the house. (I started to list the things left to do and it soon turned into a ridiculously long run on sentence. Guess we’re not that close yet!)

Exhausted. Goodnight.