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a new view

Lauren Zerbey

So much for priming and painting last weekend. The rain and drizzle were almost constant, but between short bouts of blue skies we were able to get 3 windows primed and painted. Fortunately, rain does not prohibit other activites…like demo and framing!

Even though the kitchen won’t be moving into the back porch till at least next year, we decided to go ahead and do the exterior wall part to save ourselves from having to paint now and then redo later.


The new wall to the right is where the old aluminum screen door used to be.


The siding needed to be cut back at random intervals so the new siding could be slipped in without looking obvious after it’s all painted and done.


New back door (old porch steps relocated), new integrated attic hatch above.


Old electrical “panel” on the right…the two holes to the left were boarded over but originally were screened as part of a natural ventilation food storage system (kitchen is on the other side).


In order to install the future kitchen window, we needed to demo the wall between the porch and the old bathroom/current bathroom ante room.


Framed rough opening for the new (future) kitchen window! I am standing approximately where the future kitchen sink will be.


Since the current kitchen window will eventually be eliminated, we decided to go ahead toss it and frame in the opening. We will probably put in a new window in the future dining area, but this will be located partially behind the existing kitchen cabinets to the right and we didn’t want to rip those out yet.


We found this old electrical permit in the “panel” on the back porch. It’s a permit for an electrical install from 1925!


The old porch and kitchen window are enclosed and ready to be re-sided!


The old back porch will, for the time being, become part of the pseudo mudroom/bathroom ante room. We might remove the old bathroom door and old back door to get a little more light into our now dark kitchen.


Rain or shine, we have to get this project done! New siding will be patched in next and then the last of the paint shaving, prepping, etc.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be warm and sunny which means we have to get some serious priming and painting done!