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bathroom details

Lauren Zerbey

During our cabinet-scoping trip to IKEA last week, we came home with an unexpected item. You see, IKEA was our last stop for the day and we were starving. After a quick stop to customer service for a  return, we struggled to work our way against the crowd to the cafeteria [trust me, you do not want to stand in our way when we’re hungry and there are swedish meatballs and ligonberry soda involved!]. And that’s when we saw it. Dark blue-gray face, with aluminum hands and a plywood wrap? Was this designed for chezerbey? At $10, we couldn’t pass it up.

Not only was our bathroom in need of some more visual interest, but where better to put a clock when you’re rushing to get out the door each morning?


And as part of the continuing effort to work through all the various settings of our new camera, here are a few detail shots of the bathroom. Happy Monday.