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in the hood

Lauren Zerbey

Let’s talk about range hoods (or the lack thereof). The deluxe combo you see below is what came with our house. Before we officially moved in, the range was gone. (Fortunately, a friend of ours had just remodeled his kitchen and sold us his old range for cheap…which was about 100x better than our very questionable product from 1974.) We held off on the range hood, figuring it would be ok for a while since food didn’t actually have to touch it. It’s one of those fancy kinds…where it sucks the air up, runs it through a filter, and then pushes it back out through that vent on the front. Yup, right at eye level.


I even tried to find a replacement filter online, but I’m guessing they stopped making them in 1986. So we persevered…looking forward to the day when we could someday have a real range hood. The kind that moves the grease laden air outside! The kind that does not set off the smoke alarm and send your dog to hide in the bathtub!

But we did even better.

Behold…the 600 CFM dual blower model from Vent-A-Hood. Vent-A-Hood uses a unique venting and filtering technology (they call it a “magic lung”) which means the effective CFM (compared to other similar hoods) is 900 CFM! In addition to its functional impressiveness, we love the clean, simple lines and stainless steel finish.

Photo found here.

We are purchasing the hood through Albert Lee Appliance, the same place we found our range.  Local Seattleites, ask for Tylar Strong (at the Tukwila showroom). He has been a great help.