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points of reference

Lauren Zerbey

During the last three years, we have undertaken a variety of projects on our house that required some advanced skills and know-how. Sure, it definitely helps that we each have 5 years of architecture school plus 5.5 years of professional practice under our belts, but when it comes to wiring outlets, figuring out your drain waste vent design, or other tasks that are typically dealt with by specific trades people, you need some backup. In our basement, stacked besides past issues of Fine Homebuilding and Dwell, we have a small reference library that is a compilation of old textbooks and DIY reference guides. [Yes, Kyle bought “Working Alone”. I was slightly offended at first but it’s more about how to do tricky things like carry sheets of plywood on your back while climbing a ladder to your roof. Really.]

Taunton Press has been our go-to source for great books on all aspects of home remodeling.

I’ve tried to coax Kyle into wearing a bandana while doing plumbing work but so far no luck.

Any other good reference guide tips out there?