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zerbebe nursery: odds and ends

Lauren Zerbey

We’ve been in a bit of a lull with the nursery progress. With the main pieces complete (or yet to be built), I’ve been focusing on textiles and other odds and ends instead. Lots of decisions to make, but no real progress yet. So, a status update of sorts:

1. Curtains – I still like the idea of doing a modern yellow fabric for the wardrobe curtains but finding the right pattern has been more challenging than I expected. Frustrated by the selection at the handful of local fabric shops I’ve been to, I’ve started looking around online for options. My mom has used Fat Quarter Shop for quilting projects and I found a few contenders there during a recent search. (I also still like this white and yellow chevron pattern too.)

Or what about these curtains from Land of Nod? (They’re actually reasonably priced!) I’m not sure how well the lighter gray would go with wall color though.

For the two windows in the room, we plan on keeping the roller shades but need some type of blackout option for napping. Our windows just have a fir jamb casing so I’ve been thinking about something like a simple roman shade. But we have non-standard window sizes, so…fabric hunting again.

My mom actually had the idea to choose a color that more closely matched the walls so that the shades wouldn’t become a focal point in the room.  I found this charcoal-colored felt (above)…

…and this grayish flannel. Could one of these work? Has anyone made their own roman shades? 

I’d also need to figure how to mount them. Right now, the roller shade hardware sits just inside the window jamb. Even though the shades were an investment, we’ve always been a little disappointed in the quality of the chrome-painted plastic hardware. Maybe there’s a way to create a minimal valence for the roman shades while also hiding the cheapy looking hardware? Two birds with one stone, yes?

Despite my textile indecision, there is one thing we recently decided on.

2. Glider – We went for it – the Monte Luca glider in charcoal. (My siblings are actually getting it for us as a baby gift…yay for big families!) I ordered it from Land of Nod on Friday during a local 20% off sale and we pick it up next weekend!

3. Dresser – We still like it, but we don’t love it. It’s not quite long enough for the space and we’re not sure about the color (but can’t justify painting it either). I’ve been keeping an eye on Craigslist but no luck. I’ve also been trying to think outside the box – we don’t necessarily need a dresser, just something that can work as a changing table and provide additional storage. One option is to eventually install drawers in the adjacent wardrobe and use whatever goes here for toys, books, etc. So maybe a credenza or sideboard instead? Is there something we could make or hack?


4. Art – I love the modern fairy tale posters by artist Christian Jackson and was reminded of them a few months ago when Mariane left a comment about The Princess and The Pea print and how the colors resembled our palette. I confess, I remember being slightly confused by this story as a kid and after a conversation with a coworker last week neither of us could remember exactly what the moral of the story was supposed to be (apparently it’s about not judging people).  Anyway. I ordered a 10×16 print and I think it’s going to look really sweet in our little girl’s room.

We have a few other ideas for art, but all will be revealed in due time.

5. Odds and Ends – I saw this the other day while at Land of Nod. Kyle and I have a thing for squirrels and I like the color. When I showed it to him he asked if the squirrel was standing on the Arc de Triomphe. Clearly.  =)

I know felt garland is everywhere these days, but I like this version of it. Yes, another thing I could feasibly make myself. My sewing machine continues to taunt me.

Then there’s storage baskets for the bench cubby that Kyle is going to build. I love the plastic lace baskets that Nicole used at her house but sadly they don’t seem to be available anymore. Maybe something like these fabric baskets instead? 

Ok, that’s what I got.