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the month of august

Lauren Zerbey

August is usually the best time of year to be in Seattle. The days are long, sunny and perfect for going on a hike or just lounging about. But for us, August has been a time to start new projects or push through projects that have been going on for FAR TOO LONG.

Case in point:

August 2006

I think this was taken the day we got the keys.  With clipboard in hand, there was a lot to do. Fortunately, we had a month overlap with our rental house lease so it bought us a few weeks to clean things out and get a couple of rooms painted (rooms that we have now completely demolished).

I took down the floral wallpaper in the bathroom and Kyle used the crushed green velvet couch (that came with the house!) to remove layers of wallpaper from the living room ceiling.


August 2007

A year after we moved in, we took on our first major project – completely replacing the roof. Looking back, I cannot believe we did this.

My appearance in the photo on the left was generated by the contents of the photo on the right. So much debris!

But by the end of August, we were done.


August 2008

About a week before Kyle’s 30th birthday – we gutted our bedroom and bathroom. The date isn’t so significant except that we had planned a big b-day celebration….at our house. The house with only one bathroom. The house with the bed in the living room.

Goodbye faux marble plastic tiles! (The video is even funnier, but that’s for another time.)

Our makeshift bathroom on the left…our old closet soon-to-be-new-bathroom on the right.  Yikes.


August 2009

With record temperatures last year, we didn’t mind working outside. We were still immersed in our exterior project, and Kyle was making his way around the house with the PaintShaver.


August 2010

And here we are in 2010, with our ambitious kitchen/dining/living/2nd bedroom/loft project! I hear there are lots of fun things to do in Seattle in August.  Ugh.


For August 2011, I’m hoping for more lazy days – with weekends spent actually enjoying this city rather than hitting up the hardware store. There are still a few major projects left to do (finishing out the basement, revamping the yard, and dealing with our garage eyesore), but we’re in no rush.

Well, I say that now.  Plenty of time to change our minds.