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progress report: week 20

Lauren Zerbey

20 weeks down, 4 weeks to go! Yeah…we’re definitely not getting done in time.

But hey, we’ve got drywall!

Here are a few quick photos from this morning. The mudding/taping starts today and will last through next Monday. We’re getting close! 

(The plywood beadboard, reglets and drywall will all get painted white.)

The timing for drywall has ended up working well for us, as we’ve had a lot of going away activities these last few weeks. (Oh you know who you are…and we miss you three already!) In the meantime, we’re finishing up odds and ends and will start putting together cabinets soon(!). Also, big thanks to Audrey for getting our new wireless network hooked up. You saved us a whole weekend of headaches!

We are so ready to dive into this last phase of the project, but there are still a few major decisions to make – like countertops and hardware! Stay tuned for new posts that could be titled, “how to cope with champagne taste on a beer budget”. Oh, the life of an architect.