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the faucet contenders

Lauren Zerbey

We have spent the last week or so researching faucets (let me tell you, our dinner conversations – very stimulating) and are back to give you the full report. We haven’t found “the one”, but we have narrowed it down to a sizeable wish list. Our requirements? 1. Modern design. 2. Pull down (or pull out) spray. 3. Brushed or stainless steel finish 4. Deck mounted. 5. Quality (when buying anything with moving parts, we don’t cheap out). 6. Affordable.

Here we go:


Ono faucet from KWC. Retail price: $1133 (solid stainless steel finish).  This is Kyle’s favorite faucet. The pull down sprayer is accessed via the small black knob on the back. When you’re looking at the faucet straight on (which is usually the case) you can’t even tell it’s a pull down. I’m not crazy about the lever, to me it looks spindly (even thought it’s high strength surgical steel and quite strong). Bottom line – very expensive.

Eve faucet from KWC. Retail price: $1260 (solid stainless steel finish).  This is Lauren’s favorite KWC faucet. Similar to the Ono, the pull down sprayer is accessed via the small black knob on the back. It’s not as modern, but I don’t mind its feminine curves. Bottom line – still very expensive.

Faucet from Vigo. Retail price: $200 (approx).  We love the simplicity and price tag for this one, but are concerned about the quality. We’ve never heard of this brand before and there is not much in the way of positive reviews or feedback on the internet. Bottom line – too risky.

Level faucet from Moen. Retail price: $425 (classic stainless finish). Simple, clean lines. This one received pretty solid reviews on Bottom line – It’s a maybe…

Parma faucet from Danze. Retail price: $300 (approx.) Simple, looks like it’s easy to use. This one also received pretty solid reviews on The head is a little clunky, but the price is right. Bottom line – Another maybe…

Swing C faucet from Hansgrohe. Retail price: $725 (steel optik finish) 5 star reviews on, Hansgrohe is a well-known name in the faucet world. We’re still not crazy about that button placement, and the only non-shiny finish is steel optik which drives the price up quite a bit. (Polished nickel is about $500.) Bottom line – too expensive for not being in love.

Simplice faucet from Kohler. Retail Price: $389 (vibrant stainless finish). I would really love this faucet if it weren’t for that handle. In general, we think Kohler is a great product for the price (we used their purist line for most of the bathroom), but we’re just not crazy about any of their kitchen options. Bottom line – seriously, the handle. We can’t do it.

Faucet from Kraus. Retail Price: $350 (stain nickel finish). Simple, modern and affordable! We’re not familiar with this brand and there are limited (though good) reviews out there. Bottom line – we like it, but are going to try to dig up more info…


Minta square faucet from Grohe. Retail price: $420 (SuperSteel finish). Surprisingly, we haven’t really been attracted to the square neck faucets, but this classic Grohe makes the cut. Because our faucet will be installed in front of a window, we need to be sensitive to how that looks and if it will annoy us. This style certainly minimizes the height issue. Bottom line – not in love, but intrigued…

Parma faucet from Danze. Retail price: $350 (approx. – stainless steel finish). We usually think these more professional faucets are overkill in residential kitchens. However, this gem from Danze is not nearly as towering as the other options out there. Plus, you can’t beat the price.  Bottom line – we’re definitely interested, but need to find more reviews to gauge useability and ergonomics.


So there you have it, phew! The next step will be to narrow our choices down to a short list of sorts (architecture speak there), read more reviews and check to see if there are any local showrooms where we can take them for a spin.