Group 6 1 min Read

the cork test

Lauren Zerbey

According to the chezerbey master plan, the kitchen (and the rest of the main floor) is the project of 2010. The design is done and our goal for the next 6 months or so is to finalize materials, products, and all the nitty-gritty details that will ideally ensure a smooth(ish) construction process. One of the biggest considerations is what will replace the horrid linoleum in our current kitchen. We have been throwing around different ideas and at the top of our list is cork, though we have some concern about its durability when it comes to 96 lb. golden retrievers. So last week during our trip to Ecohaus, we picked up a bundle of Vida cork planks. It’s a pre-finished click together system (no glue or fasteners). We assembled three of the planks (1’x3′ each) and “installed” them in Bailey’s #1 lounge spot (we’ll probably install another test area in a spot that gets more foot traffic). It will be interesting to see how the cork holds up to both his paws and his shedding. I’ve heard that cork is great at camouflaging dirt and food particles so let’s hope the same is true for pet hair!

So far, he doesn’t seem to mind.