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progress report: week 10

Lauren Zerbey

Get ready for a let-down people – we made no physical progress last week. Kyle was in Miami most of the week/weekend for the AIA (American Institute of Architects) conference. I would have been there with him, but was busy getting my education on and not feeling hardcore enough to throw a skylight on my back and haul it to the roof.

I’ll leave you with a few slightly grainy iphone photos:

[I know, a Ferrari. It was just a rental.  A fun reward for months of manual labor. And he loved it.]

It was nice to have the weekend off, but of course we’re both itching to dive back in. We’ve done a few small things and continue to cross things off the “to decide” or “to order” list so we’ll have some more updates this week. The roof window should arrive this week and if weather permits, we’ll have two more holes of light by the end of the weekend.

Also, thanks for all of the audio advice that we received. We’re still working out what will be the best set-up for us, but we’re getting there!