Group 6 1 min Read

porch progress: trim and paint

Lauren Zerbey

The weekend is officially over and we are happy to report that we were able to cross a few more things off the pre-demo list. Kyle made some major progress on the front porch – most of the trim is up and the siding is painted (teaser photo below). We’re loving how the white trim and fir look against the “soot” paint color (Benjamin Moore). We hope to finish the painting this week though we may hold off on the finishing touches for now (carpet tiles and custom storage bench). It just seems silly to get everything perfect when we’re only a few weeks away from completely gutting the room on the other side of the wall. In other news, the big purge of 2010 is finished and today I donated a carload of clothes, books and misc. items. (That’s one carload of stuff that we don’t have to make room for in the basement!) Progress continues, less than four weeks till demo day.