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office space

Lauren Zerbey

Over the last few weeks, when friends and family have asked us how we’re doing I usually say, “we’re busy, but it’s a good busy”. And it’s true – each day starts early and ends late (and sometimes there’s a middle of the night shift), but it feels good.

And we’re making progress. Like ordering business cards! We went with a simple and clean design (thank you Anna!) and had them printed through Moo after hearing good reviews on Door Sixteen. Really, I was impressed with the whole process. Their website is well-designed and easy to navigate, the ordering process was straight-forward (we went with regular business cards printed on recycled paper) and we received them days before their estimated delivery date. (And gah, I’m such a sucker for clever packaging!) Since Anna’s blog referred me to Moo, I was able to save an extra 10% off my order and Anna gets $7.50 credited to her account. (If you want to get 10% off using my Refer a Friend link, here ya go.)

We’ve also been ordering various reference books and office supplies. (I love ReBinder products from Seattle company Guided Products, who offer more sustainable alternatives to vinyl.)

As far as office space, well…that’s still a work in progress. Although I was originally going to work in the loft, we’ve decided that one of the keys to effectively working from home will be for us each to have our own spaces. For now, I’ll be splitting my time between working and taking care of Avery, so it makes sense for me to have a more accessible office space. Even though we had plans to move the TV down to the basement and make that a guest/den area, we’re now thinking it will be a guest/office/play room. We’ll leave the sofa bed where it’s at, but add a work surface along the wall where the TV will eventually go. (Ooh! Do I smell a trip to IKEA? I think so. I haven’t been since Avery was born. WITHDRAWAL.)

Anyhow. The loft is currently an explosion of architecture, but we’ll be getting that space (and the basement room) in order over the next several weeks. (So y’know, it will look like a better organized explosion of architecture.) Now that we are a company of two, we’re also working through the logistics of computers, software, file sharing and data backup. Living in Seattle, we’re fortunate to have several techie friends to help us navigate those options.

We’re still adjusting to this new work-life balance, but so far, so good.