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fluffy stuff

Lauren Zerbey

Now that the main floor is almost done, we’ve been focusing on adding creature comforts and making the space feel more homey. In other words, accessorizing.

Last weekend we were in Portland, OR visiting some friends and before leaving town we stopped by West Elm. It was our first time visiting an actual store (oddly there isn’t one in Seattle…yet), but we’ve ordered a few things off their website (like our pendant light and metal ledges) and have been happy with the design and quality. I wouldn’t say that any one store represents our design aesthetic, but West Elm is doing some interesting things lately and the prices are really reasonable.

So, this is what we bought:

This was my pillow choice, a nice lumbar with a funky embroidered design.

The mustard yellow was Kyle’s pillow choice. They live together on the couch for now, but I think we might need one more to tie it all together. (We also need a cozy throw blanket.) The open shelf of the stair cabinet was feeling a little lonely so we decided to move some of the books out for all to see. Not only does it add some texture and color, but it enables our friends to form opinions about us based on what we read (I’m not the only one who does that, right?).

On a total impulse (which was probably encouraged by no state sales tax), we also bought this wool chevron rug for the flex room. It’s 5’x8′ and fits nicely in the space. This room still has a long way to go, but the rug is a start.

I’ve also been fussing with the art ledge. I love pairing new and “vintage”, like this Jenn Ski print next to a 1920 photograph featuring 5 generations of women in my family (the baby being held in the bottom right is my grandmother!).

Obviously we need more vintage, but you can’t buy that at West Elm.