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year in review

Lauren Zerbey

While 2009 is not quite over, I think it’s safe to say that this  year’s house projects certainly are. To recap, the year started out by tying up loose ends in the basement. As part of the structural revamping we did in 2008, we needed to complete the seismic retrofit which entailed anchoring the framing to the concrete foundation, insulating, and installing sheathing. We then moved on to a massive purging and organizing effort and discovered that our new crawl space-turned-short basement provided more than enough room for most of our storage needs. In March, we dove straight into the exterior restoration/reconstruction project and didn’t come up for air until October. In November we finished an art project for the bedroom and by December we could barely muster the energy to hang some garland.

Although we are enjoying this little break, we are also gearing up for 2010 with our eyes set on one thing: the kitchen! The plan right now is to spend January and February finishing up some small projects (the front porch/mudroom and a bathroom art project) in addition to finalizing the details of the kitchen. Because this project will probably disrupt our daily lives more than anything we’ve done so far (as in, we will be without a kitchen, living room or dining room for at least a couple months) we’re committed to doing as much research and planning as possible before we pick up a sledge-hammer. To save up a bit more money and avoid bare studs during the cold months, we’re hoping to delay the start of demo until April. But…knowing us, we probably won’t be able to wait that long.

Happy Holidays!