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winter exterior photos

Lauren Zerbey

Despite our cloudy winter skies, I went ahead and took a few more exterior shots to add to our “after” pile. [You can also find them on the exterior page as part of the overall start to finish process.]


And a few new detail shots…

I never thought I’d love the aesthetics of a dryer vent so much.

Another detail that we never really showed is the porch hatch. Realizing that we would need some type of access under the porch, Kyle came up with a design that would blend in with the rest of the assembly. The door is constructed of a frame of 5/4 ipe [with a tension cable along the diagonal for extra rigidity] with cedar slats attached. A simple bolt latch keeps the door in place.

The opening is just big enough for a person to crawl through. The space also doubles as a good dog kennel, though Bailey did not agree.