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Lauren Zerbey

We still have a way to go before we can start talking furniture and accessories, but it’s certainly a fun diversion! 

I recently put together this collection of ideas for our future dining and living area. Unfortunately, the only thing we currently own is the IKEA table! We plan on buying several items this year, but others may be on the wish list for a while and a few things are simply ideas. We know we won’t be able to afford everything at once, which works out well since we also want the space to evolve over time. Right now, we’re planning on a combination of more affordable finds from IKEA, West Elm and Etsy, coupled with custom DIY pieces and long-lasting classics from the Eames collection, Artemide and Heath Ceramics.  As part of our overall goal to live more sustainably, we’ll try to buy non-toxic, easy to clean and durable products that won’t end up on Craigslist or at the Goodwill anytime soon. For colors, we’ll be starting with white walls and our dark brown cork flooring. By choosing the big-ticket items in more neutral colors, we can constantly reinvent the feel of the space by changing up the accessories and artwork. [As you can see, we’re into mustard yellows, dark browns and cool blues at the moment.] A steel ledge that will run nearly the entire length of the south wall will provide display space for rotating artwork and a low-slung shelving unit will house books and a media hub. One of the challenges with creating a “great room” space is finding that balance between über minimal and distracting clutter. We think this palette will mesh well with the kitchen and provide interest without overwhelming the space.

But for now, the aesthetic of bare studs and plywood will have to do.