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the yard: where we’ve been

Lauren Zerbey

After wrapping up the interior projects from last year, we’re focusing on the outside again. In addition to a new deck for the backyard, we’d also like to spruce up the front. Although sometimes it feels like we’ve completely neglected our yard during the last few years, these pictures from closing day in 2006 are a good reality check: 

In 2007, we spent our first spring/summer cleaning up the yard. This included tearing out the funky, diseased shrubs…

…and jackhammering out the “concrete landscaping”. (Concrete – the ultimate weed blocker!)

By June of ’07 we had rototilled, added several truckloads of mulch, painted the retaining wall, installed inexpensive paving stones and planted a few new trees (the one on the left did not survive).

In 2008, we tackled Phase II. After Bailey escaped through a loose picket, we knew we needed to fix the fence and gate situation.

In 2009 we completed the big exterior project and today our yard looks something like this:

It’s not horrible, but it’s not great either. More importantly, it’s been FOUR YEARS since our temporary fix! So embarrassing.

We’ve developed specific goals and ideas for this summer’s project and it’s exciting to think about what it will look like in 4-5 months. Like many of the projects we’ve tackled over the years, some of the tasks will be boring and involve fixing things, but others will be fun and (we hope) really improve the way we use our exterior spaces. We’re still in the planning phase and will be posting more about process and design in the weeks to come. One thing is for sure, the mulch era is coming to a close.