Group 6 1 minute Read

the winning faucet

Lauren Zerbey

After all the research we did to come up with our faucet wish list, we assumed the next logical step would be to narrow the list down to a few finalists and complete an analytical side-by-side comparison.

But then we found out that one of our local plumbing stores was having a 35% off sale on Grohe faucets…so we bought one. Just like that. One thing we’ve learned through the remodeling process is that the seemingly significant decisions can sometimes be made without a lot of “what do you think?”, “I dont’ know…what do you think?”.  (And we’re not even close to that exhausted, when-will-we-ever-be-done state yet!) We simply walked in, looked at the floor model, pulled the sprayer up and down a dozen times, and bought it. Ultimately, we felt good about purchasing from a manufacturer with a reputation for quality and it met our functional and aesthetic requirements. And, it was on sale


The faucet is a Grohe Minta (we ordered it in the supersteel finish). It’s a pull down faucet with a dual spray (activated by the discrete button on the back). Because we plan on installing an in-line water filter, we still need to choose a cold water faucet that will compliment the Grohe (running hot water through a filter reduces its lifespan significantly so it’s really best to have a cold water only spigot). We have not done exhaustive research, but there are some good choices out there, like this one, or this one.