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the last days of summer

Lauren Zerbey

Tomorrow may be the last official day of summer, but here in Seattle we’re squeezing out every last drop.

When I realized I’d be on “maternity leave” during the peak of summer, I thought I’d be spending my days taking long walks with my newborn and lounging on blankets in the park. Well, that didn’t happen, but we have been able to get out and enjoy these last two months. (Seattleites – we’re officially calling this a good summer, right?)

A few weeks ago we drove to a friend’s lake cabin in Eastern Washington (right on the Canadian border!). It was our first road trip with Avery and even though she was a trooper there were lots of new experiences for us – like changing a diaper on the driver’s seat and nursing in the parking lot of a gas station. Bailey had his own backseat adjustments to deal with (eventually a truce was reached). As for lakeside fashion, the wolf onesie and handmade jorts were a special gift intended just for this event. Oh, she owned it.

There have been lots of peaceful moments too. We moved Avery into her crib this week and I wish we’d done it sooner. She has been sleeping through the night for about a month now but sleeps even longer in her crib than she did in her bassinet. I know this may not last, but I am enjoying every.blissful.minute while it does.

Yesterday was my birthday. Kyle brought home a chocolate cake from Macrina and we went to a little Italian place in our neighborhood for dinner. Avery got all dolled up for the event and charmed our waiter into free tiramisu. Yes, I already succumbed to the color pink and this week it was baby headbands. I’d been unwavering in my resistance, but my mom sent me a few this week and ok…they are kinda cute. And that smile! (Bailey, not really a fan of anything strapped to his head.)

On Sunday, we (and another family) were featured in the Seattle Times(!) in the Pacific NW magazine’s annual architecture issue. Becky Teagarden wrote the article and Ben Benschneider took the photos, coming out to our house on three different occasions to document the progress (on the house and my belly!). The family photo was taken about a week after Avery’s arrival. It was a great experience working with both Becky and Ben and we’re humbled by the story. And yes, Bailey photobombed almost every single image.