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the barstool dilemma: update

Lauren Zerbey

First off, a big thanks to everyone for weighing in on our barstool discussion last week! We were ready to pull the trigger and place our order (the blue leather was our secret favorite), when we realized we hadn’t double checked to make sure the darn thing would fit. I know, seriously. The problem is, this is a barstool…and what we really need is a counter stool. Fortunately, the nice people at Steelcase let us borrow their showroom sample (with green cushion) to try out at home.

It looks good and is comfortable, but in general it is bigger (wider) than we were expecting.

And it just barely slides under the counter, so there’s not a lot of extra room for things like human legs.

I’m sitting on it now as I type this and it’s ok for casual blogging, but it’s not ideal for meal eating. It’s designed for commercial use and feels a bit large for the scale of our space.

Defeated by a barstool once again! So here’s out backup plan – I’ve been eyeing the Sebastian stools from IKEA. I noticed them on one of my recent excursions and also heard good reviews from a few of you. Despite the chrome base (argh!), they’re the closest runner-up to the Scoop (but in a more functional 24″ height) and at $50 each we won’t feel bad if we find something down the road that we like better.

P.S. – Thanks to our neighbor for walking his counter stool down the street to help confirm our suspicions. It takes a village, y’know.

Also, a bit of housekeeping –

I’ve been messing with the header and sidebar fonts with Typekit. This is what it’s supposed to look like…is this what you see? For me, it looks fine on Internet Explorer but defaults to sans serif (or something similar) on Firefox.


Also, we’re a little late on this, but a HUGE thanks to everyone who voted for us on One Project Closer’s Before & After contest (especially our moms, who told all of their friends)! Unfortunately, we lost out to the patio project, but we appreciate all the support nonetheless. *group hug*