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studio loft

Lauren Zerbey

2011 was certainly a big year for design books and over the holidays I added several to my collection. (I love that on more than one occasion I was asked if Undecorate was a sequel to Decorate.) I also received some (much-needed) sewing books, many of which were recommended by you guys!

While flipping through one of the sewing books, I came across a section on all the necessary supplies one should have. And that’s when I realized that I was going to need an actual space to get all crafty and what not. For some reason I always assumed that part of the basement would eventually become a multipurpose room of some sort, but we’re just not going to have enough space. 

[Side note: check out this awesome tool quilt that my mom made for Kyle for Christmas! For the record, there is nothing cuter than seeing your husband curled up with their cat and dog under a tool quilt.]

But anyways, back to the matter at hand. In addition to needing a more permanent location for my sewing machine and its entourage, I also wanted a space for all of our architecture/art supplies (which have been packed away in the crawl space for the last several years).

Then I had an idea. Once the basement is finished, we will no longer need to rely on the loft as extra space for guests. Therefore, STUDIO LOFT! So last Sunday I started hauling things up from the basement with an MO to purge and organize! (Kyle was out snowboarding that day – please tell me I’m not the only one who loves to dive into an organization project when I have the house all to myself?)

In the soon-to-be remodeled basement, we had a small bookshelf that housed all of our magazine back issues, remodel books and these cardboard magazine holders. They were an attempt to organize all the important paperwork that comes with 5+ years of remodeling, but I knew the system could be better. So one by one I emptied each holder and went through every single piece of paper.

When it was all said and done, I had whittled everything down to this. Instead of individual files, I’m going to create a master homeowner’s manual. We’re talking 3″ binder here. With colored tabs? Maybe. 

We’ve also developed a small collection of reference books over the years and along with the sewing books, they’ll be moving up to the loft as well.

By mid-afternoon I had made some good progress. Right now I’m just lining things along walls until I figure out the overall design and storage system.

After graduation, Kyle and I purged 5 years worth of architecture supplies and sold what we didn’t want to unsuspecting freshmen. Although neither of us have busted out the acrylic paints in the last 8 years, we might. Someday. (The middle tub is “adhesives”. Always a good idea to have plenty of options when you need to adhere something.)

…and my Dwell collection! I bought my first issue in 2001 when I was a sophomore in college. 2001-2006 is a little spotty, but I have every one for the last 5 years or so. (As I reorganized them in chronological order, I noticed how much thinner the publication has become.)

So here’s the thing – some girls are attracted to guys with fancy cars or big houses…and some girls are attracted to guys with an extensive Chartpak marker collection. True story. As second year architecture students, I used to roll by Kyle’s desk and borrow a marker or two. He was the only one in studio that had the complete collection. Not only that, but he had made a COLOR CHART to go with it. In fact, it was probably at that moment when I thought – back away ladies…this one is mine.  =)

The only other publications we keep are Fine Homebuilding and IKEA catalogs (though I regrettably recycled 2000-2004 during a purge a few years ago).

So the next step is to figure out the overall design and storage system. I have a few ideas but nothing is clicking just yet. It needs to be inexpensive, able to fit through the loft opening, and preferably not too IKEA. (I know, I know…I just knocked IKEA after showcasing the catalogs I’ve hoarded. But you know what I mean.)