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Seattle Backyard Cottage DADU

Designed with flexible space-planning in mind, this modern 800 SF structure could be used as either a guest house, rental unit or office space. The existing structure is a one-story garage and carport. The garage would be preserved as a shop space but the carport would be converted to an office with kitchenette. If not being used as an office, the space could easily become a living/dining/kitchen area for a guest house or rental unit. The new second floor would include a conference area, materials library, bathroom and small closet. A queen-sized murphy bed along the south wall will allow the space to transform into a bedroom if needed. The table and chairs will be designed and constructed of durable materials so when the space is used as a bedroom they can be rolled out to the adjacent roof deck. The project is designed under the Seattle land use code section on Detached Accessory Dwelling Units (commonly called DADU’s).