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North Lake Union Remodel

We are in the early design phases of a remodel to an existing 1920’s house in the Wallingford neighborhood on the north side of Lake Union. The home was remodeled in the ’80s and then a third story was added in the early ’90s. The goals include reworking the basement layout, adding a new kitchen and entry sequence on the main floor, re-configuring the master suite on the upper floor and making upgrades to the exterior. In an effort to modernize the exterior of the home, maximize the efficiency of the upper floor and capture views to Lake Union beyond, we studied different roof + deck options with a simple 3D massing model. Constrained by the height limit and existing non-conforming conditions, we were able to come up with three different options to present to our clients. These studies helped the homeowners not only evaluate the different aesthetic options but also the cost implications, allowing us to talk openly about budget early in the process. After this presentation, the homeowners selected their preferred design direction and we are now in the process of further developing the exterior and testing out different color/material palettes. We look forward to sharing more of this project as the design continues to evolve!

Design by: Studio Zerbey Architecture + Interiors