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Blackfoot River Den

Nestled deep in a scenic valley on the Blackfoot River in Montana, this custom home is designed with an emphasis on natural light. The home blends a natural modern design with the breathtaking beauty of its surroundings, taking full advantage of its unique location on the river. The main living areas, including the kitchen, living room, dining room, gym and den feature large windows and skylights that bring in an abundance of natural light and provide stunning views of the river and surrounding landscape. The windows are positioned to take advantage of optimal sunlight throughout the day, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. The home is designed to be energy-efficient, using high-performance windows and extra insulation to reduce heat loss and keep the interior comfortable and warm during the dark winter months. Additionally, the home is equipped with a green roof and geothermal heat pump system to further reduce its energy footprint. The exterior features a driveway that passes underneath the house to allow easy access to the lower part of site for boating and fishing on the river. The interior of the home is designed to reflect its natural surroundings, with warm, earthy tones, and organic materials such as stone, wood, board-formed concrete, and metal. The use of natural materials and textures creates a connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces, blurring the lines between the two.

Design by: Studio Zerbey Architects + Interiors
Structural Engineer: Swenson Say Faget