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Ballard DADU

Located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, this modest DADU (Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit) includes 280sf of living space over a workshop space of the same size. The living space has one small bathroom and kitchenette tucked in the back, with the remaining space open and flexible for guests and friends. The workshop space below is more utilitarian, with double doors that can open up to the patio beyond. An exterior stair frees up interior space while adding a bit of playfulness to the design with the diagonal wood railings. The outdoor unit for the heat pump is strategically placed under the stair, with a removable access screen and just enough space to hang a few bikes. The owners were inspired by the colors and simple forms of structures found in national parks. We loved the idea of introducing this natural palette while complimenting the design of the adjacent home (which Studio Zerbey remodeled previously). The interiors are bright and simple, focusing on natural light, warm woods and resilient materials. Construction is underway and we look forward to seeing the completed project!

Design by: Studio Zerbey Architects + Interiors
Structural Engineer: Swenson Say Faget
Envelope Consultant: RDH Building Science
Contractor: GT Residential Contracting