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Lauren Zerbey

So, apparently I need to see The King’s Speech. Oh, and Black Swan, The Social Network, and a bunch of other movies. But we saw Inception! Whatever, I blame the remodel.

So this was our Sunday:

Breakfast and paint chips!

We came up with a potential color palette (above, right) for the doors and picked up a few different quarts of paint. Don’t worry, we’re not using all the colors right now and some will have more presence than others.

Next, a quiet mid-morning with the pile of wood that’s been sitting in our basement for weeks!

Kyle finally started the painful and tedious process of wood finishing (which probably explains our recent affection for steel). He’s applying an Osmo hardwax oil finish to the basement stair treads and risers as well as the loft treads. The other pieces (loft and basement stair handrails, loft opening trim, and door thresholds) are getting a coat of benite and two coats of polyurethane.

Then, an afternoon getting reacquainted with the half-finished basement stairs!

Kyle fabricated the “skeleton” for the basement stair handrail from tube steel and some steel DIY wall brackets (and then painted it to match all the other steel). Similar to the loft ladder, a piece of notched fir will slip over the steel. The steel looks hot and provides a more rigid structure which minimizes the number of wall brackets needed. The stair risers have been installed and are now being finished in place. The treads need a few more coats of Osmo and then it’s their turn. The stairs have actually looked like this for a few months. Not walking bow-legged up and down the stairs will be such an improvement!

And finally, the first coat of paint went on before the pre-show started, the second coat before supporting actress was announced and our bathroom door was finished and hung before best picture! Yes, you can get a lot done during commercials (and certain musical numbers).

Pictures coming soon!