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progress report: week 27/28

Lauren Zerbey

Week 27, 28…I’ve officially lost track. We’ve been focusing on the kitchen, but we’re keeping that under wraps until it gets closer to being done. And this past weekend, we installed the cork! We are exhausted and sore, but excited with how it turned out – a rich blanket of chocolate-brown that, without the finish, resembles a dark suede. The wax goes on this week, so we’ll have a start to finish post next week on how it all went down.

In the meantime, a few random things:

Tomatoes! Fall is here and the garden has been harvested. Now, what to do with them? I’m tempted to just throw them all in the food processor and see what happens.

We’d been looking for a way to provide some privacy at our back door without a clunky roller shade.  So we put up some inexpensive, translucent window film. One lookout for the people, one for the dog…everyone’s happy. Oh, and the door trim still needs to go up.

Speaking of roller shades, did we ever show you the ones for the skylights? We put them up several weeks ago but the diffuse light and varying silhouettes are so pleasant that we’ve kept them closed ever since. (We have one of those fancy extension rods to operate them.)

This photo is a few weeks old, but the pile of lumber and sawdust in the driveway is gone! We even mowed the lawn again. What? Is it time to take down the construction ramp off the back door? Let’s not rush things. Even though the backyard is shaping up, the front yard still looks like that of an abandoned house. We actually considered hiring someone to weed our yard, but have since decided to just suck it up and do it ourselves. Eventually.