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progress report: week 16

Lauren Zerbey

And on the 16th week…we took a break.

Ok, it makes a lot of sense to tackle exterior projects during the long summer days, but staying inside and pushing wire through your walls? Nonsensical. Especially, when there are ferries to ride and whales to see and general lounging in the sun to be had.

So on Saturday we hopped on a ferry up to the San Juan islands north of Seattle. We camped on tiny Shaw Island, where we enjoyed beach lounging, spear fabricating, and fine tuning our s’more techniques.

This is what golden retrievers need after months of living in a construction zone.

The ferry ride itself was stunning.

Ahh…a chance to put our feet up! Our campground at Shaw Island had a sweet little sandy beach with only a handful of people to share it with.

Bailey enjoyed ample running, swimming and the consumption of crab shells and kelp (which he later threw up in the tent).

After a hearty breakfast on Sunday, we headed over to San Juan Island, where we saw a whole pod of Orca whales, picnicked at Lime Kiln Point park, and strolled around Friday Harbor before snagging the last spots in the ferry line and heading home.

We needed that – a chance to forget about inspections, electrical boxes and the day-to-day weight on our shoulders that a remodel can inflict. But, the wheels never really stop turning and in a way, getting away from it all allows you to reassess and see the big picture more clearly.

I guess that’s the whole point of a vacation. But we’re ready to jump back in, take each day as it comes, and hopefully have a real progress report next week.