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porch reveal

Lauren Zerbey

I had my doubts, but ladies and gentlemen, the porch is finally done!*
*ok, we still have to construct a storage bench but the impending demo party has delayed that for now.

But before the big reveal, let’s take a moment to reminisce.

Here is our cute, perfectly practical open porch in the 1930’s.

Yikes…and this is what it looked like when we bought the house in ’06. [We’re guessing the porch was enclosed in the ’60’s when the metal siding and aluminum windows were installed.] Exterior carpet, yuck!

Last summer we took out everything we didn’t want…

…and by last fall we had ourselves an inviting, solid new porch (and stoop!). We were so exhausted from all the exterior work that we took a few months off before finishing the inside, but today we are finally done and are here to bring you the official reveal!

Come on in!

We chose a light yet warm palette. The carpet tiles are from Flor. We opted for House Pet in “Irish Setter” and two squares of Coir to serves as an integral walk off mat. (We’re leaving our old walk off mat outside as an extra measure during the rainy season.) The future bench will go in the space to the left of the door. The current thinking is that it will be a fir box on steel legs with a chocolate brown paperstone lid/seat. There will be space for shoes under the bench and possibly on the opposite wall as well.

We also installed our new coat hooks! We’re going to try two for now and possibly install a third on the opposite side of the door. We painted the beveled siding the same “soot” color as the rest of the house to emphasize the indoor/outdoor relationship.

No coats yet…we wanted to enjoy them for a bit first.

Finally, the space had to earn the approval of one very particular family member. I cleaned the drool off the front door for these photos but it’s only a matter of time…

[Bailey also just got back from the groomer when I took this. I can no longer braid the fur on his paws, which is a very good thing.]