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porch materials palette

Lauren Zerbey

The remaining task for 2009 is to finish the interior of the front porch/mudroom. First, we need to insulate the vaulted ceiling and install the vertical grain fir tongue and groove boards. We’ll also put up the rest of the cedar siding on the “exterior wall” portion and install the interior light. That’s our goal for this weekend and next week. (What? We had about a two week break!)

Last night we snagged a paperstone remnant from Ecohaus to use for our bench top. After searching unsuccessfully for an entry bench that could provide the right kind of storage for the right kind of price, we decided we would design and construct our own. Here’s what we’re thinking: vertical grain fir plywood box on stainless steel legs (IKEA) with the paperstone top/lid. The inside of the box will provide storage for hats/scarves/mittens, Bailey’s leash and the necessary stash of “#2 doggie bags”. We’re also considering using an IKEA grundtal shelf (similar to our towel rack, but deeper) as a shoe rack, to either mount under the bench or on the opposite side of the space. We’ll also install a couple coat hooks on each side of the interior entry door.

Here’s a glimpse of the current palette:



That’s right, we consider Bailey (and his furry coat) to be part of the palette. We think he’ll be spending a good deal of time in here, keeping an eye on all the neighborhood action…and drooling all over the door.

The flooring will be Flor carpet tiles – primarily the animal series in “irish setter” (most golden retriever like) with 2 squares of the “coir” at the door to act as a walk off mat. The cedar siding will be painted the Benjamin Moore “soot” to match the rest of the house. The bench box, windows, and ceiling will be fir. The trim will be painted white and the jelly jar light (to be mounted above the interior door) will match the one above the exterior door.

Our mudroom is only 5’x7′ with windows or doors taking up about 75% of the wall space. Therefore, it was important to maximize storage without compromising circulation. Our hope is that the space will be used primarily for every day needs (including a place for guests to store their coats/bags/shoes), without becoming overloaded with outerwear.