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nubbly shag

Lauren Zerbey

I’ve been coveting the Coqo rug from Anthropologie for some time now (see it in this post from last June) but sadly, they no longer carry it in yellow. Crossing my fingers that it was just a temporary shortage, I waited patiently but to no avail. My eyes then strayed to this Angela Adams design, but too expensive. I also considered this fun geometric option from DwellStudio, but with so many flat surfaces in the house, we wanted something with a bit more texture.

Then, some friends of ours came across this great deal on a wool shag rug and we were overcome with textile envy! So we bought one too. (Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?) The 5×8 rug is from Overstock and at $240 it’s about half the price we’ve seen at other stores (it also comes in 8×10 and other colors). The color isn’t exactly yellow…but it definitely has a tan to ochre feel depending on the light.  Plus, since we might do some crazy colors with the barn doors, we thought it was ok to tone back on the rug. 

We’re loving the nubbly texture – it’s like a foot massage just walking on it.

Even if the coffee table does cover a large portion of it, it really does help to differentiate the “living area” from the rest of the space.

So much for trying to get Bailey to pose with the new rug. [FYI, I was warned in the Overstock reviews, but this rug does shed for the first several weeks. For better or worse, the fibers look exactly like Bailey’s fur. Awesome.]

[P.S. – in other floor covering news, the loft is getting Flor’d…more soon!]