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deck progress: 82 is too hot

Lauren Zerbey

Well, we started the day with every intention to finish the deck and clean up the concrete rubble in the backyard. But today was hot, like…82 degrees. Too hot for manual labor. So we scrapped our plans and did this instead:

Gasworks Park – so many people, so many watercraft! 

Bailey is one of the few brave enough to swim in Lake Union.

So the basil died. After a few months it developed these small brown pimples and then the stalks started to turn brown. After I raided the entire plant for pesto one night, it was never the same. So lemon verbena has taken its place. Fingers crossed. In other news, Bailey has still not figured out how to push the sliding doors open. Yesterday morning I heard him whimpering and found this sad sight.

Truthfully, it felt great to take a day off. We’ll finish the deck – next weekend.