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bright ideas

Lauren Zerbey

So we found this great chandelier…oh wait. No, that’s the horrendous thing that came with the house. But really, is it not glorious? Fake plastic dripping wax and real burn marks on the ceiling? What style would you even call this, neo-modified medieval revival?

[Don’t worry, we replaced this beauty long ago.] 

How about this one instead? We’ve officially scoured the internet and our brains for possible [affordable] lighting options and this is what we’ve come up with. First, this lovely pendant from West Elm for over the dining table:
Next, a couple reach lights from Resolute for over the kitchen sink. Resolute is a great local Seattle company with some really beautiful fixtures to chose from. Since we’re planning on vaulting the ceiling in the kitchen, lighting gets a bit tricky. We’d really like to avoid any recessed or flush mounted fixtures on the sloped ceiling plane and reach lights are a good way to do that. [On the side with the upper cabinets, we can do things like under cabinet lighting and puck lights on the underside of the plywood wrap.] We might also consider doing some up-lighting on top of the upper cabinets.
For lighting over the island, we want something functional but delicate. We love this linear pendant from Bruck. [Apologies for the low res image, it is the ONLY one I could find!]    


In the living area and flat-ceiling portion adjacent to the kitchen we’ll do simple recessed cans from Halo. 


So that’s about it. Actually, let’s add one more:

In the event that we find about $700 lying on the ground we’ll pick up this guy for the living room. The bigger, much taller brother to our bedroom Tolomeo sconces, this would be a lovely addition to that BoConcept sectional.