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behind door #1

Lauren Zerbey

One door down, three more to go!

Finally, after 2 1/2 years of temporary solutions, we once again have a real bathroom door. (Remodeling is not for the faint of heart, or the modest.)

The color is “thunderbird” from Benjamin Moore. We used Natura zero-VOC paint in a semi-gloss finish.

Here’s how it looks from the bathroom side. We also have plans to mount a narrow full-length mirror to this side of the door.

The attachment plate that connects to the track hardware was recessed into the top of the door for an extra clean look.

We ended up choosing the Linnea pulls. We considered designing our own pull and having it fabricated, but in the end we were happy to find a well-designed product that was affordable (we bought directly from the company and received an architect discount) and that we could have in our hands in two days!

To keep the bottom of the door from flapping against the wall, Kyle notched out the bottom of the door and install a recessed aluminum channel (that was painted to match). This channel then slides over a floor guide that is screwed to the floor. In the photo above, the door is pushed all the way back to show what the guide looks like, but we’ll eventually install stops in the track so you can’t push the door too far and the guide will always be hidden no matter what position the door is in.

I also finally hung my Seattle neighborhoods print, which was a 30th birthday gift from September! I’ll take more detailed shots later, but I decided to mount it on a thin piece of plywood instead of a traditional frame. (We’ll also probably move the print around, this is just the only place where there is a nail in the wall!)

The blue/teal does look different depending on the lighting (and as seen in these different photos), but overall we like. A lot.