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bathroom sconces

Lauren Zerbey

Phew! It’s been a busy week! We had a bunch of family in town for Avery’s birthday and are now playing catchup. I’m working on a party recap post, but wanted to first share this little switcheroo project that Kyle completed a few weeks ago.

So, remember this bathroom follow-up post from last November when we talked about replacing our failing sconces? Yep, well…8 months later:


No more sad, broken lights! We finally pulled the trigger and bought two new sconces from local lighting company Resolute. There are a few options for the shade, but we opted for the opal one which has a nice, diffuse light.

IMG_8165 2

The fixtures have a wide face plate which was helpful in covering the existing electrical boxes from our previous sconces.


If these fixtures look vaguely familiar it’s because we have a similar sconce in the loft and reach lights in the kitchen (all from Resolute). Despite the vast selection of lighting out there, it’s surprisingly hard to source simple, well-designed fixtures and we find ourselves going back to Resolute again and again (on our own house and Studio Zerbey projects).



It’s a small change, but the space feels so much better now. Of course, now I want new towels and a new shower curtain (we’re using the same ones we bought when we remodeled nearly 5 years ago!). Anyone have a recommendation on great towels? I’ve been somewhat disappointed with the last few sets we’ve owned and am hesitant to invest in another so-so option. (We loved our current ones, but they’re a bamboo blend and have lost a lot of their original softness.)

We designed our bathroom so that the accessories would be the color in the space and I’m ready to try something new!