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a subtle nod towards christmas

Lauren Zerbey

Although this will be our fourth Christmas at chezerbey, this is the first year that we have attempted outdoor decorations. With a newly finished exterior, we couldn’t wait to toss the pumpkins into the compost bin and start thinking about the next holiday. So on Sunday, we went to pick out a tree and came back with a 10′ strand of garland, some mistletoe and a 5′ frasier fir.

We’re still toying with whether or not we want to put up lights. We don’t have any exterior outlets so adding another project to our list might just nix the idea.

Of course, the garland would probably go well with a lush, landscaped front yard. Maybe next year.

Someone was less than thrilled about this particular photo-op.

I think the only reason he stayed still for so long was that he was too scared to move.

And you can’t go wrong with a little sprig of well placed mistletoe…