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2 days till demo

Lauren Zerbey

This Saturday we are having a party…a demolition party. It will be like a barn raising, except the opposite.

And when you’re demolishing the main habitable spaces of your home (while living in said home), there’s a lot of preparation involved. In fact, we have spent the last couple of months getting ready for this epic project and we’re optimistic that Saturday will go smoothly!

The living/dining room is nearly empty. The couch and lamp will go to the basement and we’ll move the piano to the center of the room and cover it with plastic. (Unless someone is in the market for a piano…and will move it.) Monday night we moved the TV and media components to…

…oh yes we did. Typically we’re anti-TV-in-the-bedroom, but sacrifices were made. We figured that with the [fill in the blank] months of remodeling ahead, it would be nice to balance the craziness with some movies in bed (which sounds way more appealing than watching movies in the basement). Despite my initial reluctance, Kyle insisted on installing the surround sound as well. Netflix, you’re welcome.

We’ve also been collecting materials! When you’re in the depths of remodeling, having the necessary materials on hand is a time and sanity saver. After compiling our master list, Kyle purchased most of the construction goods from the nearby big box store and ordered the framing package from a local lumber yard.

MDO for the new living room “ceiling” and insulation for the vaulted ceiling over the kitchen.

Tonight, Kyle is building a ramp! The majority of demo will be lath and plaster. It usually comes off the wall/ceiling with surprising ease, but it’s ridiculously heavy. The ramp will be part of a system that involves loading contractor bags into a wheelbarrow and then out the door, down the ramp and then up another ramp and into the dumpster. Did I mention we’re getting a dumpster? Things are about to get real.

Stay tuned for more details in the coming days, including a demo party recap and a tour of our new “basement apartment”. Kyle and I are downright giddy about diving into this project and we can’t wait to see how the space will instantly transform post-demo! To see past posts about our big plans, click here, here or here.