Northwest Shed

The Northwest Shed is a prototype designed to comply with the City of Seattle’s land use code for backyard sheds. It is a modern solution for the many small Seattle homes that don’t have a garage or adequate storage space. Simple yet functional, the 10’x12′ building is intended to be multi-purpose and could be used as a shop or scooter storage amongst other things. Deep overhangs help prevent premature weathering and an elevated pulley system provides protected storage space for Northwest toys.

Designed to be affordable, the shed would use materials that are readily available at local hardware stores – standard wood stud framing, cement board siding, exterior grade plywood (for the sliding doors) and a combination of corrugated metal and translucent fiberglass for the roofing. The structure could sit on a simple slab on grade (which could be expanded to create an adjacent patio) and extending a structural beam provides a support for a backyard swing.