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Magnolia Remodel

Located in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle, this 1944 home was recently remodeled to better meet the needs of a young family. One of the primary challenges was a centrally located fireplace that took up a large amount of space and wasn’t being used. By removing it, we were able to open up both the basement and main floor to allow for better physical and visual flow. The kitchen was revamped to create a more usable space within the same footprint. A counter-depth fridge is tucked next to a series of pull-out pantries, adding much needed storage space that is often lacking in older kitchens. A small alcove off the the living area serves as a play nook with a clear line of sight for mom and dad. The basement had an awkward living area that was expanded by removing a redundant powder room and creating a more efficient laundry and mechanical room. A palette of warm woods, cool grays and bright whites throughout create a modern but cozy backdrop for the family to add to.¬†Builder: MU-2