Winthrop Residence

Completed by Lauren while employed at Johnston Architects. Lauren was the project architect who managed the project from the initial design phase and worked with the owners and contractor during construction. Located outside Winthrop Washington, this small home is designed to be entirely off the grid.

Currently under construction, the home is to take advantage of geothermal energy, solar PV array and solar hot water. It will obtain its water from a nearby well and employ a rainwater catchment system that channels roof runoff to an underground cistern.The small size, deep overhangs, triple-glazed windows and super insulation, among other features, limits the energy load required for the home.

Composed of reclaimed glulam beams and decking acquired from an old warehouse in southern Washington, the roof structure is a sculptural element in itself. The compact form is meant to lessen the impact on the site and maintain as much of the fragile, existing vegetation as possible. Materials such as concrete, steel and wood siding were chosen for their durability and low-maintenance. The high-tech/low-tech approach is an exercise in applying old and new ideas of sustainability.