Newcastle Co-Housing

Designed by Lauren while at Johnston Architects, this 32 home co-housing development sits on a 6-acre site adjacent to a wetland in Newcastle Washington.

The irregular shape and challenging topography of the site resulted in a design solution of 4 pods of housing, arranged loosely along the roadway that runs through the site. Many of the homes are not directly linked to the road and therefore have separate parking options elsewhere on site. The home sizes are modest and include carriage style housing above shared parking.

The forms are simple and contain both traditional residential forms as well as more modern gestures. The forms emphasize the connection between indoor and outdoor and are sensitive to the close proximity in which neighboring homes are located. A series of natural pathways connect the homes to each other and the other pods, as wells as to a central community building.

The development is designed to achieve the highest Built Green rating. Extensive work was done to design an effective runoff system that uses rainwater gardens and pervious concrete. Home materials would employ the use of sustainable, tight knot cedar siding, high efficiency windows and other long-lasting materials. The landscaping is designed to be lush and consist of drought tolerant species.