Kingston Beach House

We are in the design development phase of a new residence on a shoreline property in Kingston, WA. The building site is an infill lot between two existing homes. The massing of the home is based on county requirements for flood elevation, view blockage and shoreline setbacks and the desire to provide some protected outdoor spaces. The home is divided into two zones  – an open and light-filled great room with views towards the water and a 2-story zone with bedrooms and other secondary spaces. A series of tiered decks provide ample outdoor space while solving the challenge of how to get down to grade from a 4′ required flood elevation floor height. A green roof is proposed for over the great room while a true rooftop vegetable garden (accessed off an upper deck) is adjacent to that. An exterior palette of muted grays reflects the surrounding environment, while providing a durable skin against the coastal weather. We look forward to continuing to develop the design and a 2017 construction start!