Ballard Backyard Addition

Currently under construction, this 1950’s cottage is in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. Home to a young family, the owners wanted to expand their living space and refresh their dated kitchen while working within the confines of a small lot and tight budget. To meet these needs, Studio Zerbey designed a small, 2-story addition off the back of the house, attached to the existing house with a small “connector” that provides space for storage and laundry. The only way to access the new addition was through one of the existing bedrooms, we so opted instead to convert that space into an informal play room that could also serve as circulation. The addition itself will have a family room on the main level (opening up to the remaining backyard) with a master suite above. The existing grade drops away from the house at the backyard, allowing for a split level solution that minimizes the overall height and allows for a slab-on-grade foundation. The project will be phased, with the addition happening first and alterations to the existing house at a later date. The project is being built by mu2.